• U.S. Shipping Policy

    Orders can take 1-2 business day to process. Once your package leaves the warehouse, the shipping time frame begins.
  • Shipped by Newegg

    Not all items sold through a Marketplace seller will be shipped by the seller. Some items are shipped by us(Newegg)....
  • Report a shipping problem

    If your item shows it was delivered but you did not receive it, please contact us by the times listed here based off of the order/shipping type.
  • Estimated Arrival Date

    Newegg strives to make sure your packages come to you in a timely manner and our system provides the best-estimated...
  • Signature requirement

    Certain types of orders automatically require a signature upon delivery. As long as your order is eligible, you can pay a small fee to include a signature requirement.
  • Large item delivery

    Large Item Delivery is the shipping method we use for large items, such as TVs and appliances. Delivery time frames vary depending on the item and shipping location.
  • Ship to a UPS Access Point

    You can choose to ship your order directly to a UPS Access Point location where it will be held for you to pick up as long as your order is eligible.
  • Calculating the shipping cost

    To calculate the shipping for your order, continue through checkout to the Review stage. All available shipping methods and fees...