• World EggSaver Standard (AUS)

    With World EggSaver Standard shipping, ships from U.S. to Australia using either Australia eParcel or Star Track Express for delivery depending on the weight of package.
  • Shipped by Newegg

    Not all items sold through a Marketplace seller will be shipped by the seller. Some items are shipped by us(Newegg)....
  • Estimated Arrival Date

    Newegg strives to make sure your packages come to you in a timely manner and our system provides the best-estimated...
  • Ship to a UPS Access Point

    You can choose to ship your order directly to a UPS Access Point location where it will be held for you to pick up as long as your order is eligible.
  • Shipping claim status

    Once a shipping claim is reported it will go through the following process. The total processing time of a shipping...