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Tracking number not found

From time to time, you may get a response of “tracking number not found”. There are several reasons for something like this to surface:

  • The shipment notification was sent out to you before the package arrived at the delivery carrier’s terminal to be scanned. This accounts for most of the tracking errors, and if you just wait a few hours, it will show the scan and tracking progress.

  • The shipment notification was sent out to you today, but the carrier does not pick up the package until the following day. This is a common timing issue in a large distribution center. The carrier might have picked up earlier that day, or the package may have still been on the conveyor when the carrier left the facility. When tens of thousands of packages are being processed, it is not unusual for some processed packages to still be on the conveyor belt when the carrier leaves.

  • There is a very small chance that your package has actually had a negative event. These events are isolated, happening in less than 1 tenth of 1 percent of the time. These events are:

    1. Your package was sorted into the wrong trailer. If a carrier receives a package that is not theirs, they will return it to our distribution center, but it will not likely show any tracking events. We will then give it to the correct carrier, but it can show 2-3 days of no transit when you go to track it.

    2. Packages are loaded into trailers, and they rub up against each other. Sometimes this rubbing will tear the label or cause it to come off altogether. This would show no tracking events at all and would require that we ship you a replacement order.

    3. It is remotely possible for a package to receive two labels or no label. These are most often caught before they leave our facility, but once in a while, one will get by.

    These last three events are remote, but knowing that they can happen, we have a process in place to address them. One business day after we show a package shipping, we will check the carrier’s transit on the tracking number. If no transit is seen, we will trigger an investigation at the distribution center to determine if a replacement order needs to be shipped.

Important: Shipping time does not start counting until after your order ships out. All orders take 1-2 business day to process before shipping out.
Updated on September 14, 2021

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