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Ship to a UPS Access Point

Instead of shipping to your own address, we can conveniently ship your order directly to a UPS Access point location where it will be held for you to pick up. Pick up from thousands of locations including CVS, Michaels and UPS stores, making sure your package is safe.

  • To ship your order to a UPS Access Point, select “Ship to A UPS Location” during checkout, and select your desired UPS Access point location.
  • Once your package is delivered to a UPS Access Point, you will receive an email with pickup instructions at the email you provided on the shipping page.
  • When you pick up your order, please make sure to bring a photo ID matching the name you provided on the shipping page.
  • Certain items and shipping methods may not be eligible for shipping to a UPS Access Point. If your order is ineligible, you will receive a message on the order review page during checkout asking you to ship to a regular address.
  • The payment method on your order must be a credit card or Newegg store credit card.*
  • There is no extra shipping charge when selecting a UPS Access Point.

Newegg.com will arrange for shipment of the ordered product(s) to you at the UPS Access Point selected, meaning title to the product(s) and risk of loss pass to you upon delivery of the product(s) to the carrier. Newegg will have no obligation to store the product(s) should you fail to retrieve the product(s) from the selected UPS Access Point.

Note: *Some orders may not be eligible for the Newegg Store Credit Card. If your purchase is eligible, during the checkout process you will see the Newegg Store Credit Card option available under Payment methods.
Updated on May 3, 2023

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