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Estimated Arrival Date

At Newegg, we strive to deliver your packages promptly. Our system offers the best-estimated arrival date, but please be aware that factors such as order issues, inventory shortages, or credit card verification issues can cause delays and affect the estimated arrival date.

Our 1-2 business day order processing time is separate from the shipping timeframe, ensuring we prepare your order correctly before shipment.

What can cause a delay and affect the estimated arrival date?

  • Order Issue (error with the product.)
  • Inventory shortage
  • Credit Card Verification issue (can take up to 2 business days)
  • Incorrect shipping/billing address
  • Missing house number, unit number etc.
  • Weather conditions
  • Customs (International)

How do we define a business day?

A “Business Day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, U.S. federal holiday, or any other holiday observed by Newegg.

Please note that if a Newegg-observed holiday falls on a Saturday, Newegg generally observes the holiday on the preceding Friday.


The estimated arrival date is an estimate, not a guaranteed delivery date.

Updated on April 21, 2023

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