RTX 30 Series FAQ

With the launch of the RTX 30 Series we want you to be well informed. Here are some helpful Q&A topics on the launch of the RTX 30 series.

Release dates and times

  • RTX 3080: Sep. 17th 6am PT
  • RTX 3090: Sep. 24th 6am PT
  • RTX 3070: Oct 29th 6am PT
Does Newegg allow hoarding or bots?
A limit of 1 per order has been applied to spread out the cards to as many customers as possible. We also have robust bot protection in place - always - and deploy stricter measures on launches and restocks.
Do you manually review these orders?
We are reviewing all orders to help ensure bots are not getting any cards.
How long till you restock these items?
All launches and restocks have been selling out in minutes (or less) so be prepared to go through the checkout process fast to give yourself the best chance. Our inventory will be replenished as our partners send in more inventory. Products will be activated accordingly on the site.
Any RTX 30 Series Prebuilt Systems?
Yes our ABS Gaming systems are built by Newegg and sometimes come equipped with RTX 30 Series cards.

How much supply did you have?
Inventory has been extremely limited and grossly insufficient to meet the demand. We dont have control over the quantity but are trying to procure as many as we can.
Should I use Auto Notify?
Auto Notify is best used when items stay in stock longer then 5 minutes. The RTX 30 series cards usually are sold out by then.
How can we stop scalpers?
If you spot any 3rd party listings using a Newegg screenshot, please send us a screenshot and posting URL so we can pursue a takedown request via email or PM or DM.
Why dont you use Captcha?
We actually do use Captcha, but only deploy it on detected bots. This happens all the time and prevents millions of bots from checking out. We dont deploy it on real customers as that would make the checkout process more difficult.
Got any tips?
About half of our 30 Series RTX sales are coming from our Newegg app. You can download our app here
Updated on November 17, 2020

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