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Newegg Trade-In Program

The Newegg Trade-In Program allows you to trade in your eligible GPU in exchange for a credit towards a new GPU.

Trade-In Process

How the Trade-In submission works

1. Click on the Trade-in Program Banner found on most GPU and Gaming PC product pages.
2. Enter your trade-in information such as series, brand, and model.
3. Instantly view your estimated trade-in value based on your inputs.
4. Click “Done” and add your New GPU or Gaming PC to your cart, and you will see your trade-in has also been added.
5. Once you complete the checkout process, we will email you a prepaid shipping label to use when sending us your trade-in.
6. Send in your trade-in within 14 days from when you received your shipping label.
7. When Newegg receives the trade-in, we will review it and inform you of the acceptance or rejection of the trade-in via email.
8. If the trade-in is approved, we will issue a refund back to your original payment method for the new GPU or Gaming PC order. In some cases, the refund will be issued as a Newegg Gift Card.
9. If the trade-in is rejected, we will send the trade-in back to you for free.

How to find the GPU Model

1. Through Retail box:

  • Find the GPU retail box and look for the label. The number at the top of the label should reflect the Model of your specific graphics card.

2. On the Graphics Card:

  • View the label on your physical graphics card. The number at the top of the label should reflect the Model of your specific graphics card.

Eligibility & Approval

How do I know if my GPU is eligible for Trade-In?

After selecting your GPU Chipset (NVIDIA or AMD) from the drop down, you’ll see a list of eligible GPUs for our Trade-In program.

What are the requirements for my GPU to be approved?

Approval is based on a set of criteria outlined in our Trade-In Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you review the Trade-In terms here, before initiating a Trade-In.

Trade-In FAQ

How will I be updated about my Trade-In status?

You’ll receive email notifications at each stage of the Trade-In process, keeping you informed from initiation to completion. You can also check the status within your Newegg account.

How do I trade in my GPU during a new GPU purchase?

While purchasing a GPU, click on the ‘CHECK YOUR TRADE-IN VALUE‘ banner to select your GPU. Once your Trade-In is approved, you will receive a refund against your purchase.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit & debit cards accepted for trade-in orders.

Please note that this program is in early stages. While the following payment methods are not accepted for Trade-In orders: (BitPay, PayPal, Affirm, Zip, and Newegg Store Credit Card), our team is working to allow more payment methods in the future.


How will I receive my refund for the Trade-In?

When trading in during a new GPU purchase, the approved value will be refunded against your purchase after we have received and verified your Trade-In

Other Questions

What happens if my GPU is not approved?

If your GPU doesn’t meet our criteria, we’ll inform you via email. Please review our Trade-In Terms and Conditions to ensure your GPU meets our requirements.

Updated on January 8, 2024

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