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Newegg Shuffle FAQ

The Newegg Shuffle is our drawing system to purchase in-demand products on Newegg.com with an exclusive discounted promo code. Products in the Shuffle will also display an “Enter the Shuffle” button instead of the “Add To Cart” button in their product pages. Our Newegg Shuffle can be found at www.newegg.com/shuffle

  • With the Newegg mobile app you can easily be notified when the next Shuffle begins.
  • To download our app, click below: 


What are the benefits of the mobile app?

Download our app to:

  • Receive push notifications if you are selected.
  • Be reminded when the Purchase Window opens
  • Easily complete your purchase using mobile payments.

Can I sign up in advance?
At this time we don’t allow advance sign-ups as that would greatly increase the number of participants including those who may not claim their reservation, which hinders the overall program and your chance of being selected.
When is the next Shuffle?
We don’t have a set schedule as each Shuffle event requires inventory to be received by our warehouses – which can happen on any day. You are welcome to sign up prior to the shuffle here or within your account settings under notifications. Once subscribed, Newegg will notify you by email of our next event.sign up for shuffle via email
Generally Monday - Friday from 9:00am PT – 11:00am PT are the most common times a Shuffle event would start if inventory was received.
Why do I need to enter for a chance to purchase?
We developed the Newegg Shuffle to offer our customers a fairer way to purchase products and mitigate behaviors that would give anyone an unfair advantage.
How do I know if I won?
The notification window will be listed for that day on the Newegg Shuffle drawing page. If you won during this time, youll be notified via email or in the app an exclusive promo code to discount your product will automatically be added to cart. Be sure to purchase your product before the buying window ends, which will also be listed in your email.
Do not move your item to Wish List or Save For Later - this will remove the item and it cannot be restored.
I removed the item from cart what do I do?
If you accidently removed the item from your cart, you can go directly to your shuffle email with the link to purchase your new item.
As a reminder, your exclusive promo code will automatically be added to cart.
How much time do I have to use the promo code?
Your exclusive promo code is valid till 11:59PM (Same day), so be sure to purchase your product before the buying window ends. If you forget you can also check your email, which will list your buying window.
Do I have to add the exclusive promo code?
No, if you have been selected as a winner you will only need to add the item to cart and your product will be discounted automatically by your exclusive promo code. Enjoy!
How are you preventing multiple accounts?
We are well aware of users trying to use multiple accounts to get an unfair advantage. Fortunately we have many methods to identify these accounts and will flag them as well as prevent them being selected.
How are you preventing bots?
We’ve been preventing millions of bots from abusing our site on a daily basis for many years now. In addition any usage of auto refresher / loaders / crawlers may result in a permanent IP ban from Newegg.
My IP was blocked, what do I do?
We are employing bot protection against scalpers, resellers and others who use software to get an unfair advantage to purchase. Therefore any usage of auto refresher / loaders / crawlers may result in a permanent IP ban from Newegg. If our systems do not detect any violations from your IP address within the next 24 hours, it may be unblocked. If you need faster assistance or feel you’ve reached this page in error, please send an email to webmaster@newegg.com with your IP address and the error code displayed.
Why don’t you use Captcha?
We do deploy Captcha when we detect bot behavior. If you’re a human, you shouldn’t see it unless you’re acting like a bot.
How can we stop scalpers?
If you spot any 3rd party listings using a Newegg screenshot, please send us a screenshot and posting URL so we can pursue a takedown request via email or PM or DM.
If I got selected, does that hurt my future chances in the Newegg Shuffle?
No, your chances of being selected does not change if you’ve already been selected to reserve product(s) in the Newegg Shuffle.
Can I select multiple items?
Yes you may select multiple items. Please note that Newegg will randomly distribute reservations based on how often items were selected in the Shuffle. A maximum of 1 selection per customer event can be granted per Shuffle event.
Why are prices of video cards higher than the original MSRP?
Our selling price of graphics cards is based on the latest manufacturers cost which far exceeds the MSRP of Founders Edition models. Original MSRP cannot be applied to all current models from board partners.

Updated on August 5, 2022

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