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2-Step Verification

The 2-Step Verification helps add an extra layer of security for your Newegg account by asking you to enter a unique security code in addition to your password on computers/devices that you haven’t selected as being safe.

Enable 2-Step Verification:

    1. In your Dashboard, click on Account Settings under Manage account.
    2. On the Account Settings page, click on the “ENABLE” button next to where it says “2-Step Verification”.
    3. Choose to have a code sent to an email address, phone number, or Authenticator App(QR code generator). Then select “SEND CODE”.
        • This process is completed in 3 easy steps. The first 2 steps will require you to input a primary and secondary method to receive the code at. In the 3rd step you can select “Don’t require codes on this device” which makes sure this security feature will be disabled for the device that is used when enabling it.
        • You must have a primary and secondary method to receive a code.
        • You cannot enable/disable this on mobile, but can add your mobile device to the safe device list during checkout on our mobile site.

    4. After clicking on the “SEND CODE” button, you will receive a code sent to each method. Enter in the code that was received and select the “VERIFY CODE & CONTINUE” button.
    5. On the last step, you re given the choice of selecting a checkbox to not require verification codes to be sent on the device you are currently using. Once you select the “TURN ON 2-STEP VERIFICATION’ button, the 2-Step Verification will be activated on your account.

    Disabling 2-Step Verification:

    To Disable 2-Step Verification simply click on “Disable” as shown below, in your Account Settings under Manage account.

Updated on July 10, 2020

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