• Used items

    Used items are items that have been opened and/or used. If an item is used, it will be clearly labeled...
  • Refurbished items

    Refurbished items are items that were returned, tested, and restored to manufacturer specifications. Here are some examples: Items returned due...
  • OEM and Bare Card/Drive items

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) items are brand new, but meant for experienced users and system builders. Normally OEM items come in a plain box or plastic bag ("bare card" or "bare drive" packaging).
  • Requesting an item

    If you’d like to suggest an item for us to carry, please go to the following link to Recommend a...
  • Customized systems

    Customized systems require adequate time for assembly as well as testing to ensure the components are functioning properly. Assembly time varies depending on the system.
  • Fees

    Here you can find information on all the types of fees that may be applied to an order.