Please see below for more information on each type fee that may be applied to an order per state/country laws.


The Electronic Waste Recycling Act became law in California on January 1, 2005. The primary objective of this law is to initiate a recycling program for computer products containing chemicals deemed hazardous to the environment. To fund this program, California requires retailers and e-tailers to collect, on the state’s behalf, a fee for each product covered by this law. The fee is paid by the consumer at the time of purchase of the covered product. This fee will be remitted directly to the state by us and only applies to orders shipped within California.

The items for which we are required to collect a recycling fee include cathode ray tubes, cathode ray tube devices, flat panel screens and other similar video display devices. The actual amount of the recycling fee will vary, based on the screen size of the product when measured diagonally, as follows:

Screen size Fee amount
Greater than 4″ and less than 15″ $4.00
Greater than or equal to 15″ and less than 35″ $5.00
Greater than or equal to 35″ $6.00
Important: For more information concerning the scope and details of the Act, please refer to the websites for the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery or Department of Toxic Substances Control.


Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

Effective July 1, 2022, Colorado imposes a total retail delivery fee of $0.28 on all deliveries by motor vehicle to a location in Colorado with at least one item of tangible personal property subject to state sales or use tax. Please note, that the retail delivery fee is non-refundable.

for more information, please see Colorado Retail Delivery Fee.

Tire Recycling Fee

Some states impose a fee on the purchase of tires. For more information on what your state charges, please SEE HERE.


Battery Recycling Fee

Recycling fees on the sale of lead-acid batteries are imposed by certain states as shown below.

States where fee is added Fee amount
California $1.00
Florida $1.50
Maine $1.00
Missouri $0.50
South Carolina $2.00
Texas $3 for each battery of 12 volts or more, or $2 if less than 12 volts.
Updated on September 11, 2023

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