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Checking the status of a return

To check the status of a return:

  • If you have a Newegg account, click here to log in to your return history.
  • If you ordered as a guest, enter your order info here to check the status of a return.

To check the status of a shipping issue:

If you reported a shipping issue when creating a return, it will go through the following process.

  • The total processing time when reporting a shipping issue from Step 1 to Step 3 can be 2-5 business days. See below for more info.
Step 1: Report a shipping problem
When creating a return within your account history or by tracking your order:

  • Select the type of shipping issue from the return reasons.
  • Once you submit all the details, you will receive an update in 1-4 hours via email with more information about your return.

Step 2: Review
Once submitted, it will go through a review process and at each stage you will be notified via email.
Step 3: Claim Resolution
If Approved
A final resolution will be arranged such as a refund or replacement.
If Denied
Your claim has been declined and at that point no further resolution will be taken.
Updated on June 8, 2023

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