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Returns (RMA)

  • Refund process

    Refunds take about 3-5 business days to complete after an order is canceled or a return is processed, although the exact time frame may be different depending on your bank and payment method.
  • Not eligible for return

    Every Newegg item has a specific return period where an item may be eligible for a replacement or a refund. To check an item’s return period, please refer to the "Warranty & Returns" tab on the item’s product page.
  • Returning a combo item

    Combo items can be returned for a replacement or a refund. The full amount will be refunded when combo items are returned. You also have the option to keep the combo item, and a discount will be subtracted from your refund.
  • Return shipping

    For defective or unopened items, we will provide a return shipping label. Item must be within its Newegg return policy.