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Tax exemption guidelines

Thanks you for your interest in submitting your Tax Exemption Certificate. Please read the below carefully before applying for tax exemption.

To ensure that our Tax Exemption Team can provide you with a quick turnaround time on your submission, we highly encourage you to use the Tax Exemption Submission Tool to create an exemption certificate.

If you are a federal government entity using a federal agency GSA card, there’s no need to apply for tax exemption. Check out, and your order will be tax exempt.

Refunding Tax On Past Orders

Please note that as of 1/1/23, tax refund requests on previous orders will need to be made directly to your respective state department.

General Guidelines

Before you start the process, please make sure you have all the necessary information.

  • Territory/state in which you wish to apply
  • Entity type of your organization
  • Organizations Address
  • Exemption numbers or exemption form* (if applicable)

*Some state or U.S. territory exemptions are only issued by their respective authorities. If you have such an exemption, you’ll be asked to upload your certificate for enrollment. Tax Exemption Team will review your application and email within 48 hours to confirm your enrollment or to request additional information.

If you do decide to upload your own certificate, please note that the following documents are not qualified as supporting documents:

  • Business License.
  • IRS 501(c)(3) qualification letter.
  • W9.
  • Newegg Sales Tax Exemption Form.

When you are uploading your own certificate, please ensure the following information is included on the certificate that you are uploading:

  • Business/Organization Name (Individuals name is not accepted)
  • State Issued Exemption Number and/or FEIN# (if applicable)
  • Certificate must be dated in the current year
  • Seller’s Name and Address
    • Newegg Inc.
      17560 Rowland Street, City of Industry, CA 91748
  • Description of Item(s) that will be purchased with Newegg
    (Example: IT hardware, software, and other computer peripherals.)

Certain entities must upload additional documentation in order to be tax-exempt:

  • If you are a Charitable, Educational, Religious, State, or Federal government entity based out of US territory please refer to your respective states Sale and Use Tax official website for additional Documentation requirements.
  • Please upload any additional documentation such as funds verification documentation for Charitable, Educational, Religious, State, or Federal government entities when you see this page during the Tax Exemption upload process.

Important Message: For additional help on Newegg.com tax exemptions, please contact us through live chat or by phone.
Updated on August 18, 2023

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