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Gift Card expiration date

Physical and digital Newegg Gift Cards purchased online do not expire. However, gift cards included with the purchase of an item (promotional gift cards), or sent to you in appreciation by Customer Service, do expire.*

Gift Card Type Expires in
Purchased on Newegg.com Never
Promotional 1 year (unless otherwise specified)
Customer Care (appreciation) 1 year
Store Credit Never

*This article applies to Newegg Gift Cards only. For more information about each type of gift card, please see here: Gift Card Terms & Conditions. For information on specific gift cards we sell from other businesses, please refer to those individual gift cards’ item pages and descriptions.

Note: Newegg.com gift cards can only be redeemed on Newegg.com and are restricted to the country from which they were purchased. For example, a gift card purchased on the Newegg.com UK site can only be redeemed on the Newegg.com UK site.

Updated on March 30, 2022

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