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Gift Card expiration date #tools# Physical and digital Newegg Gift Cards purchased online do not expire. However, gift cards included with the purchase of an item (promotional gift cards), or sent to you in appreciation by Customer Service, do

Buying a Newegg Gift Card #tools# To purchase and send a Newegg Gift Card via email, just click here and follow the steps. For physical gift cards, please click here. • Gift cards will be emailed or shipped in 1-2 business days. • With digital

Redeeming a Newegg Gift Card #tools# To use a Newegg Gift Card, please scroll down to the Redeem Newegg Gift Cards field in your shopping cart. Enter the Card Number and Security Code from your gift card or gift card email, and click Apply. You can

Gift Card Errors #tools# If you receive an error message when you try to redeem a Newegg Gift Card on your order, it may be due to one of several reasons: • Your Gift Card has been fully redeemed and has no remaining balance. To check your Gift

Newegg Gift Card number and security code #tools# Your Newegg Gift Card Number and Security Code are included on your gift card or in your gift card email. If you lose or forget your gift card number, just let us know, and we'll email it to you...

Gift Card delivery time #tools# Digital gift cards are emailed in 1-2 business days (unless you pick a later delivery date). Physical gift cards are shipped out in 1-2 business days, just like any other order. Important Information: Promotional gift