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Newegg Subscription Program #tools# What is the benefit of joining the subscription program for physical items? Newegg offers free shipping plus a discounted price for each subscription order. Customers can enjoy a premium shopping experience and

How to place an order #tools# This tutorial will guide you through the process of placing an order on You may search for an item using the keyword search or product category search. For example, if you are looking to buy a new USB flash

Purchase orders #tools# We do not take purchase orders. If you have a Newegg account, you will see a Purchase Order field during checkout, but it is only for personal reference. Completing it will not change your order number in our system, nor will

No order confirmation #tools# If you're not sure if your order went through, wait 15 minutes, then check your Order History. It usually takes a few minutes for a new order to show up. You'll also get an email confirmation shortly after placing your

Ordering by phone, fax, email or mail #tools# We don't take orders by phone, fax, chat, email or mail. The only way to place an order is to check out using our online shopping cart. #helpful#