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  • Price Match Guarantee

    Most of our products have a Price Match Guarantee badge on their product page. If you find an eligible item advertised at a lower price by an eligible retailer within 14 days of purchase, we will match it. Subject to verification.
  • Buying a Newegg Gift Card

    To purchase and send a Newegg Gift Card via email, just click here and follow the steps. For physical gift...
  • Using a promo code

    Promo codes can easily be redeemed in your shopping cart. Once subscribed for at least 24 hours you will be able to use our newsletter promo codes. Some restrictions may apply.
  • Mail-in rebates

    Newegg advertises current Manufacturer rebates on our website. If an item comes with a mail-in rebate, we'll put a link to the rebate form under the price on the item's page.
  • Promotion code errors

    There may be several reasons why you might get a promo code error such as; the promo code has expired, etc. One way to resolve this is to subscribe to the Newegg newsletter since the majority of our promo codes are sent via email.
  • EggPoints

    EggPoints are earned when you purchase certain, eligible items and can be redeemed in your shopping cart for an instant discount on your order.